Day 2: Favorite Male Companion (Classic Edition)

Though the list of male companions is considerably shorter, today was another tough decision. Or at least, it could’ve been. The criteria are the same as yesterday. Does the companion get to be more than a “damsel in distress” or simply someone for the Doctor to explain things to? Does the companion get to be clever and solve…

Day 1: Favorite Female Companion (Classic Edition)

Choosing a favorite companion is like being asked to choose between your children. It just can’t be done. So when Erin and I put this challenge together, I already knew there would be a fair amount of agonizing in my future. How can you possibly choose only one favorite? How can you land on a single name and block…

UNIT: Time Heals

In which Big Finish redeems UNIT in Kat’s eyes, and not solely thanks to Nicholas Courtney.

Big Finish

In case the televised Doctor Who universe wasn’t big enough for you.