WARNING: This post may contain spoilers for those of you who have been either living under a rock or craftily avoiding all the build up to Series 9. You’ve been warned.

I bet you were expecting a River GIF there, weren’t you?

A few days ago, the BBC dropped the first of two prologues to the Series 9 premiere on Saturday. The second could originally only be seen if you attended the 3D Dark Water/Death in Heaven screening by Fathom Events, but I suspect it may also be available through other nefarious sources. Not that we endorse that sort of thing.

Anyway, here’s the link to first one.

But again, if you were avoiding it for any reason…*


Is anyone else just chuffed to bits to see the return of Claire Higgins as Ohila with the Sisterhood of Karn? I’ve always had a sort of love for the Sisterhood because The Brain of Morbius is one of my all-time favorites. And I still firmly believe that The Night of the Doctor is one of the most perfect pieces of television ever created.** So seeing the return of Karn and its mysterious Sisterhood holds a lot of joy for me.

As ever, these prologues raise more questions than they answer, but I’m looking forward to discovering where they take us tomorrow and in the stories that follow. This series is set to be a wild ride with, for me at least, a good deal of heartbreak attached to it.*** But nevertheless, I’m still excited for the journey we’re all about to take as the Doctor and Clara live their glory days in the TARDIS.

And, as a last point, can we talk about how great it is that these minisodes are finally labeled correctly as “prologues” rather than “prequels.” A possibly silly criticism, yes, but if you don’t take my word for it, listen to the latest episode of Verity! Podcast–which you should all be listening to anyway because it’s fantastic.

* Okay, I couldn’t help myself. I had to sneak one Spoilers! GIF in there.


** I could easily go on an incredible rant about how much I love The Night of the Doctor right now, but I’ll save that particular soap box moment for later.

*** For those of you who don’t know, Clara is my companion. That’s not to diminish my affection for the others, but everyone has had that one companion they just connected with, haven’t they? And Clara is mine. It’s not surprising to me that Jenna Coleman has finally decided to leave the show, and I wish her all the best because she’s a phenomenal actress and I look forward to seeing her in everything else she goes on to do. But I have a very deep affection for Clara Oswald and I am immensely sad to say goodbye to her.

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