Day 2: Favorite Male Companion (New Who Edition)


For me, this brings up the issue of how ‘companion’ is defined. If it includes everyone who has ever traveled in the Tardis, then the list of companions is quite long. If we limit it to characters who traveled with the Doctor for a significant amount of time, that narrows it down a bit. The most obvious candidate for male New Who companion is Rory Williams, who spent the better part of 3 seasons with the Doctor and Amy. One could also make a case for Mickey Smith (Rose’s boyfriend) or Jack Harkness. I also really really love Wilf (Donna’s grandfather).

I might talk about some of these characters later (spoiler: I definitely will) so because we’re trying not to do repeats, I’m going to go with

Rory Williams

Rory is the very definition of patience.


He puts up with Amy and follows her around even after she ran off with the Doctor the night before their wedding. He waited TWO THOUSAND FREAKING YEARS for Amy. He died numerous times. He died so many times that it became sort of a joke.

Poor Rory.

Rory is definitely the mature and responsible one of the group. Kind of the “dad” which is weird because he is actually the Doctor’s father-in-law. (How’s that for timey-wimey?) You can count on Rory to point out the crazy, ridiculous situations they find themselves in.



He’s also a nurse, and nurses are pretty awesome!

Throughout his time traveling with the Doctor, Rory has some amazing character development. At first, he is constantly being ignored and passed over.



As the show continues, though, we see that he is incredibly brave, loyal, and strong.



I think when I was watching these seasons as they aired, I didn’t appreciate Rory enough. I want to go back and watch them all again!

Who would you pick for your favorite male companion?

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