It’s the most wonderful tiiiime of the yeeaar.


It’s Comic Con time again! Well, okay, Madison Comic Con, to be accurate. So since we never posted them, we thought we’d share a few snapshots of our adventures at Chicago Comic Con last year.

Erin and I are actually in the same place at the moment, which makes for a nice change. And we, along with some friends, are gearing up to head over to the Alliant Energy Center in a few hours to begin the geeky festivities.

Both David Tennant and Alex Kingston are on the bill for tomorrow, so we’re definitely excited about that!

So if you happen to be at Wizard World Madison this weekend, please come say hello!

If nothing else, you should least come check out Erin’s amazing Zoe Heriot cosplay, complete with bubble wrap!

*Adorable Sixth Doctor plushie made by  Nite Owl Workshop, who I’m told will be in Madison this weekend. Be sure to check out her booth because everything she makes is just insanely adorable.


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