Of course they’re Cybermen. Any fool can see that.

I’ve been working VERY HARD to stay away from Doctor Who spoilers as much as possible. I’ve abandoned my Tumblr, I’ve unfollowed all the Doctor Who things on Pinterest, and I’ve checked into Twitter maybe a handful of times in the last five months or so. I’ve been suffering a fair amount of Doctor Who…

Day 19: Scariest Moment (Classic Edition)

Choosing a scariest moment is something that may at first seem a bit silly. For those who are used to the New series, it might seem laughable that the wobbly sets and rubber monsters of the Classic era could be considered scary. But I think they had their moments. And what really made them work…

Day 4: Favorite Alien Race (Classic Edition)

Okay. Technically, the prompt is “Favorite Alien Race/Alien Race You Would Like to Meet.” But I’m editing it a bit for today. A few months back, I went on a rant about 10 Classic era monsters I want back. Well, everything I said there still holds true. And I can easily think of at least 10 more…

Cyber Monday: The Wheel in Space

Kat celebrates her birthday with her favorite Tin Men from Hell. But it’s not all party streamers and adorable servo robots.

Cyber Monday: The Moonbase

Kat continues her journey through Cyber History and stumbles upon her favorite story. Complete with Tin Men from Hell.

Cyber Monday: The Tenth Planet

Kat goes back through the annals of Cybermen history in a poorly named post series, beginning with the original Mondasian invaders from 1966.