UNIT: Assembled – Part I: A Call to Arms

Take notes, people, because this is how you marry two generations of UNIT together properly. And I know it’s been done before–and done well–but there’s something about this that just feels so right. Getting John Levene and Richard Franklin to team up with Gemma Redgrave and Ingrid Oliver is–quite simply–sublime. This is in no small…

Day 2: Favorite Male Companion (Classic Edition)

Though the list of male companions is considerably shorter, today was another tough decision. Or at least, it could’ve been. The criteria are the same as yesterday. Does the companion get to be more than a “damsel in distress” or simply someone for the Doctor to explain things to? Does the companion get to be clever and solve…

UNIT: Time Heals

In which Big Finish redeems UNIT in Kat’s eyes, and not solely thanks to Nicholas Courtney.

Big Finish

In case the televised Doctor Who universe wasn’t big enough for you.