Day 9: Two Characters Who Have Never Met, But Should. (Classic Edition)

I’m cheating today. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t resist.

The answer that instantly came to me was to put my two all-time favorite companions together. And I have because in my head I have this entire AU going where Clara Oswald (or one of her echoes) worked for UNIT in the 1970s. My reasons are long, complicated, and probably very silly. But one I feel isn’t silly is that UNIT could’ve used more women in the early days.

I know we had Liz and Jo and Sarah Jane, but not many others. And to be fair, Sarah Jane was really more of a journalist than a legit member of UNIT. The only women we ever saw in uniform for UNIT then were Corporal Carol Bell, Corporal Maisy Hawke, and an unnamed female UNIT Officer at the very beginning of “Spearhead from Space”.

None of them got much in the way of lines or airtime. Corporal Bell was seen more often than the other two, and even she was pretty scarce and barely ever spoke.* Obviously, they made up for this later in the Classic series by giving us Brigadier Winifred Bambera in “Battlefield”. In fact, the majority of that story revolves around women running the show, which is nice.


But I digress. I think if you put Clara Oswald in UNIT during that era, the Brigadier would’ve been forced to accept the idea of female emancipation a bit sooner.


Whatever. I ship it.

But the other irresistible meeting for me** would be the Doctor’s two favorite Scots.

No one can tell me that putting Jamie and Amy together in the same TARDIS wouldn’t be hilarious. SO MUCH SASS. SO MUCH SCOTTISH.


If I had a TARDIS, one of the things I would do was orchestrate an entire episode (or serial!) similar to “The Two Doctors” with Two and Jamie with Eleven and Amy. Maybe even an entire series. Besides seeing Jamie and Amy together, how fun would it have been to get Two and Eleven together? I mean seriously, who wouldn’t want to watch that?

Which two characters would you want to meet? Let us know in the comments!


But they did get more to do in the books. For an example, I refer you to (as ever) Gary Russell’s The Scales of Injustice.

** Okay, there are several others, but these two are at the top of my list. Today, anyway.

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