Day 9: Two Characters Who Have Never Met, But Should (New Who Edition)


Well, since Kat cheated on this, I will too. I’m breaking the no repeat rule because I’m going to talk about these two later on. The two characters that I think should meet are

Jack Harkness and River Song

Can you imagine the flirting? Then they would run off and fly around the universe with their vortex manipulators. Maybe it’s better if they don’t meet – we would never see them again!


Here’s some other matchups that I find entertaining:

Madame Vastra and Donna Noble

I don’t think they would like each other, but it would be hilarious. I can see them getting all offended at each other.

Vastrafight.gif Donnafight

Mickey and Danny could start a “my girlfriend’s run off with the Doctor again” club. It would take a lot of timey-wimey to make that happen, though.


I really want to see the 12th Doctor team up with some previous Doctors. I know it’s always cheesy when multiple Doctors get together, but I love it.

What characters do you think should meet up?


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  1. Kat Schraft says:

    YES. So much yes!

    Ooh, can I put in a vote for 12 meeting 8? I think Peter Capaldi and Paul McGann would be AMAZING.

    I also think that if Rory met the “My Girlfriend Ran Off With The Doctor” Club, he would have the best “bitch please” face in the history of the universe.

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  2. P.J. says:

    This has to happen. I’m starting a petition

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