Day 8: Favorite Quote (New Who Edition)


I’m surprised at how quickly I settled on a favorite quote. There’s one that stands out as being the most meaningful to me, though it doesn’t seem to be a super popular quote.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Peter Capaldi’s amazing speech from “The Zygon Inversion.” That would probably get my vote for ‘best quote’, but it’s not quite my favorite.

Anyway, the quote I like most is unsurprisingly science related. Here’s a clip from the episode:

I think the quote loses some of its impact in the episode because Merry is rightly distracted by a number of things. Here it is in image form:


This is one of my favorite concepts in astronomy. To get a little bit more specific, elements up through iron on the periodic table can be fused in stars. Past iron, the only way to produce those elements is in a supernova explosion. We are made of star stuff, as Carl Sagan would say. The sun and the earth and all of us are made from elements formed in previous generations of stars.

I learned about this during my first astronomy class in undergrad, and it blew my mind. My only thought was, “Why has no one ever told me this before?” To me, this is the coolest thing ever, and that’s why this is my favorite Doctor Who quote.

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