Good News!

Is anyone else out there as hopelessly attracted to Doctor Who tat as I am? Yeah? Well, there’s good news for you.

It seems we’re about to be hit by the next wave of those adorable, giant-headed little dudes who are slowly overtaking basically every available surface the world over.

funkoFunko is set to release Wave 2 of these guys next month, and we’re pretty excited to see who they’ve included! The (in my opinion) too-long-awaited addition of Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor to the lineup is a sight for sore eyes! And we’re finally getting some companions thrown into the mix with the addition of Rose Tyler, Captain Jack Harkness, River Song (cue Erin being super excited), K-9, and Sarah Jane Smith!


Complete with her Andy Pandy outfit and Eldrad’s ring from “The Hand of Fear,” I might add. I think she looks amazing! Seeing more Classic Who added to the mix does my heart good. They will both be quickly finding a place on the shelf next to my 4th Doctor.

And of course there’s also the obligatory monster included in this round, which in this case is The Silence, which I think looks pretty fantastic.


All of these guys will be available at Hot Topic, save for K-9 who is a GameStop exclusive. So be ready. They’re coming.


What do you think of Wave 2? Are you happy about who they’ve included? Or are you disappointed that they’ve left out your favorite Doctor or companion? Who would you like to see in the next wave? Couldn’t care less either way? Let us know!

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