A Challenge


This month on the blog, we are doing a 30-day Doctor Who challenge! Kat is taking on Classic Who (1963-1989) and Erin has New Who (2005-present)*. We both have trouble making decisions and choosing favorites, so this will be quite a challenge for us! One thing we want to stress is that this is a list of our personal favorites and “favorite” doesn’t necessarily mean “best.” Choosing the best Doctor/companion/episode/etc. could be an entirely different discussion!

We made up some ground rules that we will try very hard not to break:

  1. We are excluding novels, audios, etc. and the 1996 movie. There is a whole Doctor Who universe outside of the TV show and that could be a separate 30-day challenge!
  2. No cheating by picking two favorites!
  3. No repeats.
  4. No least favorites. There is enough negativity out there and we want to focus on the positives.

Potential spoilers for any episode ever. You have been warned.

Throughout the month, feel free to share your responses in the comments or play along on your own blog!

* Kat wants to point out that she’s deliberately excluded the Eighth Doctor (and the War Doctor, come to that) from her list because the majority of his tenure is with Big Finish (and the novels, etc.) that it would be unfair and also impossible to judge only from the TV movie. That is another challenge for another month (yes, it’s coming).


2 Comments Add yours

  1. theambivert123 says:

    I might just do this as well if that’s okay!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kat Schraft says:

      Please do! Be sure to tag us so we can follow along!

      Liked by 1 person

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