Day 5: Funniest Character (Classic Edition)

I’ve spent several days now mulling this one over and come to the conclusion that it’s an impossible choice. As it’s his show, choosing the Doctor (in any incarnation) seems a bit unfair. But when you look at the companions, they all had funny moments from time to time as well. Well, nearly all of them anyway.

Some make me laugh more than others of course, and all for different reasons. The two who immediately came to my mind were Jamie and Harry. But I soon realized I couldn’t choose between them.

But then it came to me.

Some of the moments that have made me laugh the most have often just been simple moments inside the TARDIS. A conversation between a Doctor and a Companion. Maybe while they were playing chess or something.


I love K9. Always literal and sometimes even snarky, he was a completely perfect companion to Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor. Whether he was overexplaining things, being overly literal, fighting with the TARDIS herself, or contradicting the Doctor, he always makes me laugh.


He’s very friendly. Such a good dog.


He does have his faults, though. But I think they only add to his charm.




K9 even loves to party. Especially behind the scenes.


And let’s not forget who the Doctor’s REAL first onscreen kiss was with.


I rest my case.

So, if you’re in need of a good laugh, I recommend seeking out the Tin Dog. I seriously would’ve watched just an entire story inside the TARDIS with Tom Baker and K9 just bickering. In fact, it’s not too late. Someone make that happen.


Which Classic character do you think is the funniest? Are you a fan of the Tin Dog as well? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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