Day 10: Favorite Relationship Between Two Non-Doctor Characters (New Who Edition)


This question makes we wish that the New Who Doctors traveled with more companions at once. That seems to be much more common in Classic Who. The characters I’m choosing are

Donna and Wilf

Mostly just because I love Wilf, and I was going to pick him for the “favorite companion’s family member” category that didn’t make our final cut.

I always like to see glimpses of a character’s normal life away from the Doctor. Family, friends, jobs, that sort of thing. Donna and Wilf are great characters on their own, but I also like watching them interact. Wilf is such a good “granddad” character – goofy yet 100% committed to looking out for his family.


I have more to say about both of them later on, so just enjoy these for now:




I just now noticed that he is wearing two sets of antlers!

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