Day 14: OTP (New Who Edition)


I didn’t plan for the OTP (one true pairing) to be on Valentine’s Day, I promise. I’m not generally a sappy and romantic person (although this post will probably contradict that). I feel like it’s a bit cliché and predictable, but my OTP is

Rose and the Doctor

Specifically, the Tenth Doctor.


What can I say? I guess I do like a hopelessly romantic story once in a while. Some might say their relationship is not believable, given all the women that the Doctor has traveled with. Rose is obviously very special to the Doctor, and that’s good enough for me.

Their story has so many impossibly sad moments.


Just heartbreaking.


Things don’t end too badly for Rose, though. She has the human version of the Doctor who will be able to grow old with her.


The Doctor has to grieve the loss of yet another person that he cares deeply about. I’m sure that never gets easier, even after hundreds (or thousands) of years.


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