Day 16: Favorite Monster (New Who Edition)


There are a lot of great monsters in Doctor Who, from classics like the Daleks and Cybermen to newer favorites like the Weeping Angels. They are an essential part of the show. Without monsters, the Doctor’s adventures would be a little aimless. What would he do if he didn’t need to constantly save people?

The monsters I picked as my favorite are

the Silence.


For me, the Silence are the scariest monsters in Doctor Who. I was never properly scared by the Weeping Angels for some reason. The Daleks have been defeated so many times that they are no longer terrifying, but more of an inconvenience. Cybermen still scare me, but I find the Silence scarier in a more subtle and unnerving way.

The idea that you forget about the Silence as soon as you aren’t looking at them is just creepy. Characters make tally marks on their skin to keep track of encounters.


They kidnap Rory and Amy’s baby and brainwash her to kill the Doctor. That’s messed up on so many levels, I don’t really have the words to describe it.

The Silence are only shown in a few episodes, but the implication is that they exist throughout human history, influencing and manipulating humanity. The fact that they are capable of such large-scale manipulation is very disturbing.

Also, they can zap you with electricity.


For all of these reasons, the Silence are my favorite (meaning scariest and most disturbing) monsters.

Do you have a favorite monster or villain? Let us know!

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  1. P.J. says:

    The Silence are also my favourite New Who villain. They hands down creeped me out more than any other monster (unless the Empty Child counts as a monster).

    I didn’t like the explanation given about them in The Time of the Doctor, though, that they were “genetically modified priests”. That rather ruined them for me. I prefer the way they were originally presented, as a malign alien race that has infested Earth and has been manipulating the course of Earth’s history from the shadows for millennia for their own purposes. There was no need for them to be any more than that. I felt they lost a lot of their glamour and impressiveness when they were revealed to be no more than creepy-looking, overpowered space-vicars.

    Sorry for the rant, lol.

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